What services can you share?

What is the Sharing Economy?

An economic system where rooms or services are shared between private individuals. We make it easy to access your reservation with simple to use online booking calendars and when it is time to check-in you are sent a personal pin code to open the door.

M y ByWard Office provides premier boutique office spaces in the vibrant ByWard Market in the heart of Ottawa's Start-Up community.

B y removing all the barriers of the neighborhood coffee shops and made it so simple that when you arrive there is always a seat so you can get right to work. Our members and clients tell us that they are more productive and creative working in this space than any other office before.

O ur founder Eric McRae has designed the space and taken care of all the little details so you don't have to. Our rooms have lots of natural sunlight, we are right on the Rideau St transit line and soon the subway will exit next door to us when connected to the Rideau Center. A little-known secret is there is always lots of parking during business hours in the Market.

F ar from the corporate environment as you can get. But the quality and attention to detail is unmatched and must be seen. You will always have lots of elbow room, have a great quality desk and chair. A community of professionals you can ask questions and workshop ideas with. The creature comforts are taken care of, with complimentary coffee and tea, fresh fruit, and refrigerator for your lunch & dishes.

O ur location is definitely the best part about working in the Market, as there is so much to do and see downtown. Step out to clear your mind and within two minutes you can walk to parks, the canal, Parliament, quiet courtyards, shopping, and restaurants (Corazon De Maiz & La Bottega - but we are not biased). Street buskers create a vibrant environment to work and play, you will not find in the suburbs. To keep you connected, there is high-speed WiFi and you will always get no less than 4 bars on your cell phone when you are in our office phone booth.

Whether you are a casual user that rents a desk for the day or a private room for just a few hours.

Or you choose to start a membership, you will find yourself relaxed and inspired every day.

Welcome to My Byward Office

Beautifully designed spaces and an awesome professional community

Eric McRae - Founder

Start-Up Coach, Futurpreneur Mentor, pHacktory Incubator

I created My ByWard Office to be a series of beautiful spaces where creative people can come to build their brands. I believe that the right space can inspire growth, collaboration and some of the most amazing creative ideas. We strive to be open, supportive and easy to access. Welcome to our community!

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