Have a New Business Idea?

Are you meant to be more, but need some direction?
We provide Start-Up coaching to take your idea and turn it into a business.

Business Canvas

Strategic plan for LEAN Start-Ups and existing business models

Business Plan

A documented statement of business execution plan & objectives


The guidance that will help your development as an Entrepreneur

Financial Plan

Develop revenue & cost model that demonstrates the viability of your idea


Learn the fundamentals of operating a business and the skills needed

Go To Market

How do you take the product/service to customers and start selling

Coaching & Business Canvas

Business Coaching Packages for Entrepreneurs &
LEAN Start-Up Business Modeling

You are an expert in your field, now ask yourself.

As an Entrepreneur have you built a successful Start-Up before?

Why do 80% of new businesses fail within the first 2 years?

Developing the Business Canvas: A strategic management and LEAN Start-Up template for developing your business models. It visually describes in a single frame your product or service. You will define the Value Proposition Statement the infrastructure, customers, and finances required for your business.

Coaching to the Business Plan: Working from a formal statement of business goals, identified market segment and how you will deliver your product/service. Most importantly describes the steps need to plan and that qualifies if serving the market is profitable. It will also contain tangible objectives on what is required for the team to attain the set goals.

Why do you need a business coach?

The highest performing individuals all have coaches, and you should be no exception. Even Steve Jobs had Bill Campbell and Sydney Crosby has Dan Bylsma. It helps to have a person work with you through the challenges. Making the most effective decisions to attain your goals never happens in isolation. Providing that the person mentoring you is right personality fit and has the experience. They can not only keep you on the right path but also stair you away from costly mistakes.

Coaching Services

We believe that you should not have to give up equity in your company to get great advice.



What do our clients say about us
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    A strategic business consultation with Eric was undoubtedly one of the most productive hours in the early stages of my new business development. His knowledge of my particular field was unexpected and the depth and breadth of the issues addressed in this short time were impressive. I would strongly recommend that any new business owner meet with Eric.
    Kris Hamilton
    Hamilton Recruting
  • I would strongly recommend that any new business owner meet with Eric. As an added bonus, the meeting was held in the well-appointed and peaceful My Byward Office space - an excellent resource for those seeking an alternative, hip work space in a vibrant setting.
    Alexandra Keenan
    Spice Leadership
  • My Byward Office is true gem! The owner, Eric, is a fantastic, bright and generous soul, and is truly one of a kind. The space he created is bright, well located, and decorated with taste. Nothing but good vibes in here - highly recommended!   
    Genevieve Proulx
    Mille Montagnes
  • If you're working at My ByWard Office, you'll be joining one of the smartest people in Ottawa. The founder (Eric) is genuinely interested in your success as a person and you'd be receiving so much more than just space. You'll have access to really valuable mentorship. He's helped me in more ways than I can count, 100% recommend.
    Lea Abboud
    Legacy Conf (Director)
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    Eric and I had a one-on-one discussion about building a business. Eric was knowledgeable and very generous with his time and sharing ideas. The atmosphere here is fabulous; open concept and a space for every taste.
    P Stirbys
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    Eric provides a fantastic atmosphere to get work done. He is also a very helpful and knowledgeable business coach and mentor. My partner and I engaged Eric for some business advice and coaching and he was nothing but spectacular. Highly recommended.
    Geoff Dorken
  • These offices are beautifully designed and furnished, perfect for early startups. The owner Eric, is an incredibly nice and generous person. Eric has helped both my team organizing the Legacy conference and my startup Welbi on numerous occasions. He is very insightful, well connected, and a genuinely great person. Highly Recommended!
    Felipe D.I. Yanez
    Legacy Conference
  • Eric is a veritable genius when it comes to coaching entrepreneurs in the startup phase. My consulting business is in its infancy and my experience in the private sector is limited. Eric helped me to take stalk of my experience, qualifications, and interests and then clarify my niche. He also provided me with some excellent tips, tricks, and strategies for successfully growing my business and avoiding common pitfalls. I am beyond grateful and highly recommend Eric and My Byward Office.
    Dana Gwynne Wall
    Leadership Coach
  • What a calm and creative atmosphere. I had a business consultation here with Eric to review my business plan he is very knowledgeable and great to work with. Thanks Eric
    Michelle Scribnock
  • Super productive and creative space! Also appreciated Eric's coaching for entrepreneurs - very useful. Thanks!
    Rhonda Douglas
    NFP DIrector
  • The owner voluntarily mentors me, gives me ideas to improve my business, and connects me to the right people.  As a small business owner My ByWard Office has been heaven on earth. It has everything I need and more.
    Eric Bagirubwira
    Spotless Plus