Register your business at our address in the heart of the
Byward Market, the home of Ottawa’s startup community.

Do you need a real street address to get your important business-related mail? Businesses and entrepreneurs can benefit from a private mailbox rental service. At My ByWard Office, we’ll gladly manage your mail and packages in the historical ByWard Market in Ottawa. Expect an unmatched service that is convenient and safe for receiving and storing important mail.

We receive your mail and packages from any carrier and we keep them safe until you can pick them up at your convenience. Additionally, we provide mail forwarding services. Never miss a delivery! Count on our mailbox rental solutions.

Open Mailbox


1 Year Subscription 12 Easy Payments

Open Mailbox


1 Year Subscription Auto-Renewing

Mailbox service

Basic Features

Office Hours

Access: Mon.-Fri., 9am-6pm


Minimum 12-month Subscription

Mail Notification

We will email you when new mail arrives

Courier Vault

Packages delivered by Purolator, securely received in vault just outside office (Mon.-Fri., 8am-8-pm)

Premium Add-Ons

Mail Forwarding

Have your mail forwarded to you every week or every month (average $4.30 per package)

What people see in Street View When they google this address.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I register my business at this address?

Yes, you can register your business at this address for your head office location.

What are our Terms of Service?

You must comply with all Provincial and Federal laws and ethical standards. We require that you use the address for business purposes, and we must verify your identity at the start of your subscription.

How do I pay?

We offer a 12-month long subscription, which you may either pay monthly, or save by paying for the whole year.

Monthly payments must be paid by credit card. If you choose to pay annually, you may also pay by cheque or e-transfer.

How can I cancel the subscription?

Subscriptions can be cancelled after one (1) year of service, providing us with 6 weeks’ written notice to We will confirm the cancellation and effective date by email. If you choose to terminate your service before 12 months have passed, you will still be charged one year’s service.

How large of an item can I receive in my mailbox?

Any standard letter size up to magazine format. If you need to receive something larger, please get in touch with us directly beforehand.

Your address will be 78 George St., not a P.O. Box.