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October 5, 2017
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October 25, 2017

My grandfather Arneaud McLean serving customers in his jewelry store.

We focus on all the things that drive our business, but also on giving back to the communities that make our business possible.

I learned this as a kid, growing up in my family’s jewellery shop in Port Of Spain, Trinidad. I remembered sitting behind the counter, watching my grandfather talk to customers. In his mind, everyone he spoke to was a customer and he treated them with a courtesy that is rare to find.

One quiet day, he told me something I’ll always remember: “every person that comes in the door is a valued customer, even if they don’t buy something today. Sharing your time and the things you’ve been blessed with is something you will never regret.”

Geo McLean, Founder McLean & Co. (great-grandfather, Eric McRae)



Arneaud McLean, Entrepreneur (grandfather of Eric McRae)


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