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Dorota Turlejski Profile

Dorota Turlejski, Founder - UpLawed Professional Corporation

Dorota Turlejski, the Founder of Uplawed Professional Corporation is one of the consummate professionals that calls My ByWard Office home for their business, and I am thrilled to call her my friend. She brings her expertise to our community when someone needs quality legal counsel related to wills, estates or taking care of the processing real estate transactions such as purchases, sales, and financing.
Her approach to legal practice is fascinating to observe, as she is a trailblazer: by leveraging new digital technology, combined with her LEAN business model and flat fees, it allows her clients to self-serve the elements that they can do themselves, making the entire process more flexible, faster, and more affordable.

People want a lawyer that is a human first, a legal professional second.

Dorota created her legal practice, Uplawed, in August 2015 when she found that not everyone that needs a lawyer wants to sit with them in a staid, highly furnished office that you might find in many office-based legal firms in Ottawa. Many clients found it much more helpful, and easier, when their lawyer would come to them.

Built on a LEAN business model, Uplawed, focuses on real estate law and preparation of legal wills, with clients throughout Ontario. Based out of our co-working space, Dorota takes advantage of mobile services and technology to bring her services to her clients, wherever they might be. Uplawed is dedicated to providing legal services that are accessible, transparent, and charge flat fees.

When you ask her what makes her successful, she’ll tell you, “Surrounding myself with creative and successful individuals who kick butt in their field.”

You’ll see Dorota in and out of our co-working space, always heralded by the arrival of Pharah, Uplawed’s Chief Office Dog. She found that the presence of her hypoallergenic Basenji helped relax clients that are comfortable with dogs, while reminding people that though an accomplished lawyer, she is also a human being that cares and listens.

When Dorota is meeting with clients privately, Pharah will grace the rest of the office with her presence, greeting and inspecting everyone (most probably looking for snacks!).

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