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Creating the Ultimate Co-Working Space

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Eric McRae design boards for My ByWard Office

You probably won’t notice that there are no shadows in my coworking space on 78 George Street in Ottawa’s ByWard Market district. In fact, there are a lot of things you won’t notice about the space I created … and that’s because I planned it that way.

As far as entrepreneurial endeavours go, starting a coworking space in an area chock full of ambitious entrepreneurs and promising start-ups seems like a no-brainer, right? Yet, a surprising number of them fail.
Why? Because creating a space — even a beautiful one — doesn’t guarantee that people will flock to it. Often, the most overlooked elements of successful design are the ones that keep people like me up late into the night, tossing and turning over the placement of a lamp, the finish on the tables or the amount soundproofing in the meeting room.
Like I mentioned earlier, a significant part of building a successful coworking environment (or a business, for that matter) is rooted in the details your clients may never notice. If you’re interested in creating a coworking space, this three-part blog may save you some research, and will provide you with a number of things you might not have thought of. Better yet, it may provide you with some considerations you never even thought of thinking of. Alternatively, if you’re interested in finding a great space to work out of, this will provide you with a lot of important things to look for before spending your hard-earned dollars.

Virtual Tour of My ByWard Office

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