Hot Desk - Part Time

Ideal for the Consultant or solo entrepreneur that needs a place to work 2-3 days a week


Coffee/Tea & fresh fruit

Hot Desk

Open seating in common area


4 Hours Meeting room access


Print/Scan & office equipment


7 days a week, 8:00am-10:00pm
What is a Hot Desk and how does it work?

You can select from one of the open seats and we guaranteed there is always one when you arrive. Desks with monitors are available and you have a choice from working at a desk or the standing bench. This is ideal for the Freelancers, remote employee, consultants and solo entrepreneurs that need an all-inclusive shared workspace outside of the home. It is cost-effective and provides a social outlet two to three days a week when you primarily work from home.

Basic features of the Hot Desk membership?

Twelve days a month of co-working, and you are provided with a code that gives you access to the office between Mon – Fri 8:00 am – 10:00 pm & Sat – Sun 9:00 am – 5:00 pm. We provide all the amenities; coffee, tea, kitchenette with dishes, microwave. You won’t have to worry about repairing things in the office, cleaning or doing dishes.

What services and amenities are included?

All amenities are taken care of such as high-speed WiFi, printer/scanner and basic office supplies. You can also receive packages at the office address and meet with clients.

Can I take calls at my desk?

Yes, of course, you can take calls in the office, but if you are on a long call we have a phone booth or you can reserve the meeting room. But it is a normal part of any office to take short calls and speak with colleagues and a shared office is no different. We don’t want our members to feel awkward, we are not a library.

What is it like working in a shared office?

A big part of working in a shared office space is the office etiquette. We all try to be respectful of others and maintain a tidy uncluttered workspace, this does not mean sparse. If you are easily distracted by background work chatter we recommend bringing headphones. Most importantly let’s be considerate of others and speak to and treat everyone with respect.

What about community and safety?

The office has been built in such a way that it fosters community, and as a result, we all look out for each other. The most important rule of the office is simple. “If you are the last one in a meeting room or the co-working office, please close the doors behind you.” Everyone that is entitled to access the space has their own code, no one gets locked out. This way we keep the offices and our personal items secure.

How do I secure my valuable items?

If you need to secure something let us know so we can help in a pinch. Or rent a locker if you have valuables you don’t want to move back and forth. Important: we do not recommend leaving valuable items out in the office as we do not accept responsibility for lost items.

What's the difference between Subscription and Casual membership?

They are just two methods of paying for your membership. 
Casual monthly if straightforward where you purchase a month at a time from date of purchase as needed. There is no commitment and is ideal if you are working in the city for a month or so. Downsides are there is no guarantee each month of having a desk and you do not get the discounted rate as you do with subscriptions.

Subscriptions are billed to your credit card automatically each month on your billing date. Your commitment is to provide notice six weeks or (45 days) in advance. This just gives us time to find someone that will be taking your spot.

Are there other services & benefits to membership?

There are some additional services that are available to the Hot Desk membership.
* Mailbox service can be added separately to a casual membership standard terms apply.
* Locker rental including locks are available and are assigned based on availability.
* Rental services such as boardrooms, space rental, projector & screen, furniture rental etc.

Hot Desk


Month to Month

Co-Working Video

See what our shared office is like and how easy it is to access


This is a list of the features and benefits of the member and casual package

What do our clients say about us


  • 8am – 10pm
    9am – 5pm
  • 78 George St, Ottawa

  • If you're working at My ByWard Office, you'll be joining one of the smartest people in Ottawa. The founder (Eric) is genuinely interested in your success as a person and you'd be receiving so much more than just space. You'll have access to really valuable mentorship. He's helped me in more ways than I can count, 100% recommend.
    Lea Abboud
    Legacy Conf (Director)
  • When I need to get work done, I come here. I have access to everything I need in a location that's close my clients, coffee shops, and nice places to eat. The staff are very helpful and I have never been uncomfortable, regardless of what I am doing.
    Andrew Monro
    Andrew Monro - Writer
  • Great location, great atmosphere and great service, what else do you need? Complimentary coffee and fruits, they've got it! Eric will make you feel welcomed and he might even have some great business insight if you ask him.
    Loïc BERTHOU
    Tovi Health
  • Super productive and creative space! Also appreciated Eric's coaching for entrepreneurs - very useful. Thanks!
    Rhonda Douglas
    NFP DIrector
  • As a small business owner My ByWard Office has been heaven on earth. It has everything I need and more. The space is nicely decorated with plenty of light, quiet and conveniently located in the ByWard market.
    Eric Bagirubwira
    Spotless Plus
  • I have worked out of My Byward Office since they opened, and I absolutely love it. MBO is a spot you can feel good about taking clients, and its location (in the centre of the Market) is unbeatable.
    Jason McNaught
    Mc Naught Publishing