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April 11, 2017
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July 14, 2017
Casey Li, Founder - BiteSite

Casey Li, Founder - BiteSite

Casey Li, entrepreneur and Founder of BiteSite has been co-working with My ByWard Office since our beginning and embraced our tribe of creative professionals and small businesses. His team have a keen attention to detail and help set the tone of community and collaboration that we have in our shared office. They are a lot of fun and share their expertise in Software Development or Film Production.

Most days you walk into our co-working space, you will almost always see Casey and his team hard at work on their latest project. Casey’s company, BiteSite, is a software development and film production company that produces compelling media for business.

Started in June 2012, Casey founded BiteSite after he became tired of not being in control of aspects of his work that were really important to him – he strongly believes that the values that you develop the culture of a company around, the way you do things, and the type of work you take on are critically important, so he chose to build a company around these values.

This value-driven model shows in the way they work – What makes Casey and BiteSite  stand out is the culture and process they use – striving to only take on clients and projects that fit who they are. Casey says, “we try our hardest not to just take on clients and projects because they’ll generate income, but to take them on because they fit our culture and process which leads to high-quality end results.”

When you work with BiteSite, you can be sure that the relationship will always be based on mutual respect between client and company to deliver the best product possible. They also want to have fun in their work, not in finding projects that Casey and his team have fun working on, but in company practices around flexible work time and location.

When you ask him about what makes BiteSite successful, Casey focuses a lot on the work environment, “we spend dedicated time and effort on our culture and practices. I think many startups at our stage focus on getting more and more business, but don’t sit down to think about what they believe in and what their culture is all about. I consciously  spend effort in our early stages think about what are the things we do everyday as it’s the easiest time to make it a habit, and the most effective way to have it grow with the company.”


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