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Eric McRae


The owner/operator of My ByWard Office (Eric McRae) is a consummate networker and business professional who has worked in the operations management field for the past 17 years. While working on one of his Start Up initiatives he found himself searching for a place that would provide him with an environment where he could be productive and be surrounded by other like minded professionals.

He observed that there were really two extremes for the shared office space in Ottawa. The first with subpar furnishings and poorly thought out space to work and the second was the big grey cubicle in the sky where your sole goes to die. Neither being particularly appealing he set out to invest himself and build a sophisticated and unique space where seasoned professionals could collaborate.

This was the beginning of a journey to find a better way to work that leveraged the technology that exists today to shift our paradigm of a shared office. (1) The first principle was "Allow the customer to define WHEN and HOW they use a space". (2) Make it EASY to access online. (3) Finally it had to be cost effective but still be of the HIGHEST QUALITY with concerted thought going into the intended use.

When doing his market research Eric found in 2014 that the first phase of his plan for private office space was already being by a Start Up out of Montreal called Seeing an aligned business philosophy he established a partnership that allowed him to scale quickly and focus his time on phase 2, and build the coworking office in Ottawa's ByWard Market the cradle of Start Ups.

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Coworking Principles

Complicated Partnerships

The beauty of most business relationships. They come … they go … and usually no one gets hurt.

What Chad Kroeger and Avril Lavigne can teach you about Partnerships It doesn’t have to be complicated. Some might have said that working with the frontman for the most-hated rock band in the world probably wasn’t the best career move for Napanee’s own Pop Princess.

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Coworking Principles

Is Coworking for You?

Five design principles every coworking space must have

Although the people that generally occupy coworking spaces have much in common, a huge design mistake is forgetting that everyone within the space has their own preferences as to when, how and where they work. Here are five things you’ll find in every successful coworking space.

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Ross Brow-photo Ottawa Canal

Coworking & Urban Design

Top three things coworking spaces could take from public parks

A social, energetic, vibrant urban environment happens by design, not by accident. Think about the elements that go into making a great public park: it’s a single, cohesive space that allows people to simultaneously engage in a variety of activities.

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78 George St

Top Five Factors for Coworking

Five Factors that make - or break - coworking

Location. Location. Location. Not only did I want to find an area that people naturally gravitated to, I wanted to understand specifically what it was about those places that made them so attractive. Here’s what went into finding the right location in the heart of Ottawa’s Byward Market:

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Creating the ultimate coworking space

You probably won’t notice that there are no shadows in my coworking space on 78 George Street in Ottawa’s ByWard Market district. In fact, there are a lot of things you won’t notice about the space I created … and that’s because I planned it that way.

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breather ottawa

Unlock Ottawa

Urban space Unlocked

Today where space is at a premium, people living in Ottawa's city center and in the suburbs struggle to find space where they can live, work and play. How do we meet this clear ongoing need by unlocking spaces for our diffrent needs?

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My StartUp

Our Grand Opening happened on July 11th 2015, where the West Ottawa Board Trade hosted the new business ribbon cutting ceremony. We hosted over 90 guests showcasing an inspiring view of Ottawa's downtown ByWard Market. My Byward Office provides clients with a professional shared work space for presentations, networking, and events to address any business or social needs.

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StartUp Ottawa

Ottawa University Telfer School of Business

The Pitch Fest was an open call where 16 Startups presented their business concept, and the six most compelling ideas got the opportunity to work with the elite Telfer Executive Program. The six winning pitches got to work for 6 weeks with the Faculty and MBA Candidates to receive guidance on their business plan and coaching from seasoned startup professionals.

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